Women are a wonderful species, they do many things throughout their lives that men never understand, and that is the way they like it. Always keeping the man on his toes, so he has no idea what the woman wants to do next. Take the big question men ask a lot; ‘How does female libido work?’female libido work

Millions of dollars of research has been spent on working this out, mostly by men, and they still have no answer. Woman may give hints on how does female libido work, but they certainly are not going to tell the guy the whole story. If male and females both knew all the answers between each other, the relationship would be boring.
So since woman are never going to tell men ‘how does female libido work?’, does that mean that men will never figure it out for themselves? Well with so much research having gone into it already, and with all the technology available, they have little to show for it. But woman like to sit on the sidelines and watch the men cooking their brains trying to figure it out.

Another question guys often ask about women is; ‘Why do you keep buying shoes?’ Now women will always answer that one, and it is usually ‘Because I love shoes’ or ‘You can never have enough of them’. Not really the answer guys were looking for, as they think that women who keep buying new shoes when they already have a lot of them should be classed as having some kind of mental illness. If the woman was to keep running around all day, she may have ADHD, if she keeps cleaning all the time, she has OCD, and yet if she keeps buying shoes, that is normal.

It is not just shoes with women either, they will buy coats for every type of weather, for each season, as well as for funerals, weddings and parties. Why so many? Is it something to do with women not wanting to be seen in the same clothes twice? Probably, but again, no one really knows the true answer.

When a happy couple are going on holiday for two weeks, you will often see at the airport the woman struggling with a large suitcase and a large carry-on bag. It is as though the suitcase has become a mini-black hole and contains everything she owns in a single case. Yet the guy would quite happily go on holiday with all that he needs in a plastic carrier bag. However, you will always find him with his own suitcase, but at least 50% of its contents will belong to the woman.

The other things guys can never figure out with women is why do they have so many items in the bathroom? A guy will have one bottle of shower gel which does everything, and if they could get away with using that instead of toothpaste they would. Women on the other hand have face wash, private area wash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner. All that is just for getting clean. Once they have dried off then on goes the moisturizer, anti-aging cream, and numerous other things that are full of chemicals no one knows anything about.

So there we have it, most of what women do men will never come to understand. We may both have similar bodies with regard to a torso, limbs and a head, but the likeness stops there. It seems that a woman’s brain behaves totally different than that of a man’s, and it will be a long time yet before the male species gets anywhere near to understanding it.