provestra_065_125x125Most women suffer from low libido at one point in their lives, mostly during midlife. There are several different drugs that claim to treat low female desire. But is this really a disorder? Before trying them out, it is important to note that there are simpler natural ways to increase female desire. In most cases, the sex drive is affected by the general condition of the body, both physically and mentally. When these are improved on, the libido will naturally be on its way up. Here are some ways to increase female desire naturally:

1. Release stress: If you keep focusing on all the things in your life that are going wrong, you’ll have little energy left for sex. Identify the issues that are causing stress and find ways of dealing with them. Engage in relaxing activities such as a massage, yoga, scented bath, music and so on. Do not fill your entire day with errands; find some time to rest as well. Get adequate sleep, as insufficient sleep will affect your energy levels. Once you’re relaxed, your sex drive will be boosted and you’re more likely to have a satisfying sexual experience.

2. Exercise: A daily exercise regime has many benefits for the entire body, and the libido is no exception. Have a 30 minute exercise program in the evening. It does not have to be exhausting, remember you’ll need the energy later. Light exercise is good enough, so that you can relax your body and mind. It also leaves you in a better mood and more likely to experience sexual arousal.

3. Correct diet: You are what you eat; thus the need to avoid libido killing foods and concentrate on those which increase female desire. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 100 to 200 calories. Increase omega 3 fats from both plant and animal sources which include fish, chia seed, flax seed and olive oil. Lean proteins and fiber are also good for your sex drive as well as the overall health. Herbal supplements can also boost your desire. Ginkgo biloba, ginseng and damiana leaf are just some of the herbs that are believed to increase female desire.

4. Use lube: sexual disinterest often arises from the pain and discomfort during intercourse. Surprisingly, chaffing occurs even in naturally lubricated women. Once you invest in a good quality lubricant, you can be sure that intercourse will not be painful or uncomfortable. This lifts the mental barriers that you may have placed around sex and improves your libido. Water-based lubes work best for quick sex while silicone ones are preferred for longer encounters. Oil-based lubes on the other hand should not be used with condoms as they’ll break them.

5. Add some excitement: If your relationship has become pretty routine in the recent past, find something new and challenging to do with your partner. Once you kill boredom outside the bedroom, your sex life is likely to be rejuvenated as well.

These are just some of the ways that you can increase female desire naturally. Try them out and watch your relationship get back on track. Good luck.