There’s no little blue pill for women, but there is a natural libido pill that just may put the spark back in your bedroom activity, with more desire for sex and deep, all-engaging passion that may just see you grasping your sheets in pleasure. Interested in some of that? Try HerSolution first. Provestra’s very good too.

HerSolution Provestra Lyriana
Ingredients Excellent Very Good Good
Increased Desire Excellent Excellent Good
Frequency of Orgasm Excellent Very Good Fair
Company Reputation Excellent Excellent Fair
Time Required 60-90 Days 60-90 Days 90 Days
Shipping Discretion Excellent Excellent Fair
Discounts/Gifts Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee 67 Days 67 Days 90 Days
Cost $194.95 (Six Month Supply) $224.95 (Six Month Supply) $149.95 (Six Month Supply)
Value Excellent Excellent Good
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