No Returns on Climestra

Women who suffer from loss of libido and sex lives that may be described as “less-than-passionate” really need help. After all, a good sex life is one of the things that keeps couples together and in love. When good sex doesn’t happen, couples may grow apart. Men put a very high value on sex, and they get extremely frustrated when their partners suffer from loss of libido and muted sexual reactions during intercourse.

Luckily, today’s best supplement formulas offer safe and natural ways to feel more interest in sex, and they also allow ladies to experience more pleasure during sexual intercourse. However, all supplements that spark female libido are not created equal.

To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve compiled reviews of some of the most popular formulas available online.

Today, let’s talk about Climestra, which is designed to help women become the passionate lovers that they really want to be. According to Climestra’s manufacturers, this product will help women to feel more sexual arousal during foreplay, and it will also assist them in enjoying powerful orgasms that are much easier to achieve.

In addition, the makers of Climestra assure women that they will have more sexual fantasies (and anticipate real-life sex with a lot more desire!) when they take these safe and all-natural pills according to the package directions.

Customer Product Ratings
Rated: 2/5
Ingredients Poor
Desire For Sex Poor
Frequency of Orgasm Poor
Doctor Endorsement No
Shipping Discretion Poor
Time Required 90-120 Days
Guarantee None
Cost $204.98 (Six Month Supply)
Value Poor

Climestra Disappoints Most Women Who Try It

While Climestra does provide minor benefits to some women who use it, it’s not the most effective libido-booster on the market. In fact, Climestra falls short of the mark on quite a few levels. Because the product doesn’t provide the same benefits as other supplements that we’ve researched and reviewed, including five star-rated HerSolution Natural Supplement, we have to award it a low, two-star rating. This puts Climestra on a “D” level.

Our low review is based on a range of customer reviews for the product, as well as careful research regarding the efficacy of Climestra’s active ingredients.

Products that don’t work as described represent a waste of money, time and effort. Sadly, Climestra is one of these products. While a woman may occasionally feel more passionate and lustful while taking the supplement, this sort of result is really quite rare. In order to earn a higher rating, this natural supplement would need to produce stronger results on a consistent basis.

If you’re mulling over ordering your own supply of Climestra, you should know that this product is likely to disappoint. Instead of spending money, getting your hopes up, and then being let down, why not choose a highly-rated formula that works for almost every woman who uses it?

Specific Benefits of Climestra

  • Boosts sexual enjoyment in a few women who take it
  • May make foreplay more exciting for females
  • May increase vaginal lubrication
  • May lead to stronger climaxes
  • May make it simpler to orgasm quickly
  • May fuel more sexual fantasies
  • May increase anticipation of sexual intercourse
  • Available without a prescription
  • May boost blood flow to the clitoris

What Women Like about Climestra

Women who get decent results from Climestra don’t really rave about the product, since benefits derived from Climestra tend to be mild at best. However, ladies who give the product an “ok” rating do experience a little more desire for sex, and they also find that sexual intercourse is more satisfying.

While the earth-shattering, easy-to-achieve climaxes promised by Climestra’s manufacturers elude most women who take the formula, they do enjoy better vaginal lubrication and a nice, warm and tingly feeling “down there” while taking the product.

However, it terms of making a huge and appreciable different in their sex lives, this product didn’t really measure up to expectations.

What Women Don’t Like about Climestra

The majority of women who’ve used Climestra report no improvements to their libidos or their sexual enjoyment. In other words, for them, the product was a “dud”. While buying the product, which is affordable, didn’t represent a huge cash outlay, choosing Climestra was still perceived as money that could’ve been spent on other things…like a supplement that works. While women didn’t experience any adverse symptoms and side effects while using the product, they didn’t find it an effective solution to female loss of libido or a cure-all for diminished sexual enjoyment.


We lean towards a “don’t buy” with Climestra. While it works for some women, for many it doesn’t. The product feels like a luke warm attempt to offer women something that’s missing in many bedrooms across the nation, but with mediocre improvements in desire for sex and ability to enjoy it. Ho-hum.

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