Female RX Oil Makes Sex Comfortable But Not Always Climactic

If you’re searching for an effective topical remedy that has the power to improve your sex life, you’ll enjoy learning more about Female RX Oil.

This gel-based product is just for women, and it provides a range of benefits that will help most ladies experience higher states of arousal, greater sensations and more powerful orgasms. While this product doesn’t rank the highest on our list of “female enhancement” products, it does offer a decent standard of care to most women who try it.

Overall, we award Female RX Oil a three-star ranking, since it tends to make sex more comfortable for quite a few ladies.

However, since it doesn’t appear to work for everyone who takes it, we have to give it a “C” (***) rating.

Customer Product Ratings
Rated: 3/5
Ingredients Good
Frequency of Orgasm Good
Doctor Endorsement No
Company Reputation Fair
Shipping Discretion Good
Discount Packaging Available
Guarantee 67 Days
Cost $209.80 (Six Month Supply)
Recommendation Buy

The Full Story on Female RX Oil

Designed to help females cope with many forms of sexual dysfunction, including loss of desire, vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, this product is designed for instant arousal. Fortified with powerful active ingredients that are known to promote vaginal health (and to stoke the female libido!), Female RX Oil offers a fairly reliable way to regain desire and to improve your sex life.

The ingredients found in Female RX Oil are blended with what the manufacturer claims is a “unique transdermal formulation” which is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream. When you choose this formula, which usually provides fair to good results, you’ll have a good chance of improving your vaginal health as you enjoy sex that is hotter, more erotic, and more pleasing to your partner.

Instead of giving in to loss of desire that may be triggered by hormonal changes, menopause, PMS, or any other host of reasons, why not fight back with a product that offers a wealth of benefits for an affordable price? The makers of Female RX Oil want women to experience passionate sex that is one hundred percent devoid of discomfort. While reviews for this product are mixed, women who do enjoy the product certainly sing its praises.

Affordable and easy to use, Female RX Oil is also simple to buy. You may order your own supply of Female RX Oil online, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Specific Benefits of Female RX Oil

Female RX Oil’s active ingredients are holistic and mostly natural, so they are unlikely to cause adverse side effects or symptoms. With ingredients such as l-arginine, ascorbic acid and DI-Propylene Glycol, you’re pretty much assured of immediate absorption and increased blood flow throughout the genitalia.

Active ingredients used in Female RX Oil may:

  • Allow for a stronger orgasm
  • Increase circulation in the genital area
  • Boost libido and sexual arousal
  • Inspire more sexual self-confidence
  • Add slippery, silky lubrication to the vagina

What Women Like about Female RX Oil

Women who enjoy using Female RX Oil appreciate the instant lubrication it provides. That’s the whole point of a lubricant, after all, and Female RX Oil is quick and reasonably effective. Other women who’ve had positive experiences with Female RX Oil find that the product does give them access to more powerful orgasms. In addition, women who’ve experienced painful intercourse in the past find that this gel product offers just the right amount of lubrication, thereby making sex a more comfortable experience.

What Women Don’t Like about Female RX Oil

The ingredients in Female RX Oil are good, but not great. There aren’t as many of those sexy little extras like you get in Vigorelle or HerSolution Gel between a good orgasm and one that will have you salivating at the mouth. Look closer and you’ll see a few synthetic ingredients, too.

Women who want to enjoy more comfortable intercourse give the product lower ratings, as they find that its gel texture is just too light to provide long-lasting relief from discomfort. In addition, some customers said they were disappointed with the lack of free gifts to go with the higher packages, like they’d receive if they bought HerSolution Gel or Vigorelle.


There’s nothing wrong with Female RX Oil. But there’s nothing exceptional about it either. You’re in the market for a (preferably) all-natural enhancement gel for instant arousal and deep, highly pleasurable sensations that make sex a monumental event. And for that, choose HerSolution Gel or Vigorelle. After that, Female RX Oil might be worth a try.

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