Fematril Didn’t Cure What Ailed Them

If you’re a woman who’s never in the mood for sex, you may find that your attitude towards sexual intercourse is having a negative effect on your overall quality of life. After all, sex is an important part of connecting with a partner and keeping love alive through the years. Women who suffer from sexual dysfunction may experience loss of desire, inadequate vaginal lubrication, and inability to climax during intercourse. These symptoms occur for a range of reasons, such as hormonal fluctuations, stress, fatigue, menopause and mood swings.

In order to get back the passionate spirit that time took away, women need the right nutritional support. By taking safe, all-natural pills that balance hormone levels, re-ignite the libido, and make sex more pleasurable and orgasmic, women may turn back the clock and enjoy closer, more satisfying connections with their partners.

To help women find the best loss of desire treatments available online, we’ve reviewed a variety of natural supplements that are purported to boost the female libido, while also giving women access to greater sensitivity during lovemaking. When we researched Fematril, which is marketed as a cure-all for female sexual dysfunction, we hoped to discover a potent solution to a wide array of female sexual woes. However, we were disappointed to discover that this product just doesn’t deliver on its manufacturer’s promises.

In fact, this supplement tends to do a very poor job. That’s why we’ve given Fematril a one-star, or “F”, rating.

Customer Product Ratings
Rated: 1/5
Ingredients Terrible
Desire For Sex Terrible
Frequency of Orgasm Terrible
Doctor Endorsement No
Shipping Discretion Poor
Time Required 120+ Days
Guarantee 30 Days
Cost $209.94 (Six Month Supply)
Value Terrible

Fematril Is Overrated and Overhyped

While researching Fematril, we discovered a lot of negative customer reviews for the product. In fact, we couldn’t find any positive online testimonials for this dietary supplement. Women who tried this natural supplement often described it as a “rip-off” or “scam” product. Fematril, which contains natural active ingredients, such as Phyto-hormone stimulating herbal essences, clearly doesn’t have the right ingredients to improve female sexual dysfunction.

While some natural supplements of this type, such as five star-rated HerSolution, do deliver on their manufacturer’s promises, Fematril does not. Therefore, women who need measurable results that help them to enjoy their own bodies (and their sensual experiences with their lovers) should probably order higher-quality dietary supplements. By choosing a product that other women really love and appreciate, ladies will ensure that they get the best standard of care and the purest, most effective natural ingredients.

In a nutshell, you don’t need to settle for Fematril. There are better options that cost about the same (or less) and deliver the sort of results that you really need. By researching other products and making a wise and informed decision, you’ll have every chance of getting that lusty, sexy feeling back.

Sadly, women who order Fematril before trying other, more reliable natural supplements may believe that all of these types of products are useless. That’s why we have to strongly discourage women from choosing this product. After all, ladies deserve actual help, rather than a bunch of pills that don’t do anything at all. If you’ve been disappointed by Fematril, rest assured that there are other options that will provide you with tangible benefits.

Please don’t assume that all products offer the same poor performance as this one does. Now, let’s take a look at the promises that Fematril’s creators make while they market the product:

Specific Benefits of Fematril

  • More sexual stamina
  • Stronger libido
  • Higher Sex Drive
  • More Intense Orgasms
  • Higher incidence of multiple orgasms
  • Greater sensation during foreplay

Unfortunately, women who try the product just don’t experience these changes to their sex drive and sexual experiences. Instead, they remain disinterested in sex and dissatisfied with the sexual experiences that they do have.

What Women Like about Fematril

Quite honestly, women like almost nothing about this one-star formula, because it just doesn’t work. Now and then, a woman may feel a little more libidinous while taking the supplement; however, this change in sexual desire may be the result of hormone fluctuations, rather than this supplement’s subpar active ingredients.

What Women Don’t Like about Fematril

Women basically dislike everything about the product, because it doesn’t do anything for them. They complain of taking the pills for weeks, only to discover no appreciable benefits. We’ve had too many women try Fematril and write us with complaints that it doesn’t work. Why did they spend $35? To put jump back in their bedroom. Fematril didn’t deliver for them, and it’s unlikely it will work for you either.

The lack of a company behind Fematril was also a concern. While it’s true there aren’t as many scams with natural female supplements as in the male supplement industry, a respectable company should at least maintain a comprehensive website behind the product and preferably with doctor endorsement. Fematril looks like it was thrown together in a poor attempt to cash in on women who want a legitimate natural supplement. We don’t like that.


We don’t recommend Fematril, as the few reports in its favor are of mild improvements at best and too many from women who said they felt ripped off after trying the product for months with nothing to show for it. Avoid Fematril. Choose a higher-rated supplement with doctor endorsement and that guarantees the product, with better value and a devout following of happy clients. In short, try HerSolution first, Provestra second.

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