Combat Loss of Sexual Desire with Libido for Her Oral Spray

If you’re a woman and having sex feels like a chore (even though you really care about your partner), you’re probably suffering from a form of female sexual dysfunction commonly known as loss of desire. Loss of desire afflicts millions of women, and, now and then, it really takes its toll on relationships. After all, as you probably already know, men want sex all of the time. When you just aren’t in the mood and you don’t feel the same level of passion and lust as your partner does, a relationship may fall way out of balance.

To restore desire and to enjoy the sex life that you really deserve, you need to find a product that contains active ingredients which are proven to inspire lustful thoughts and lustful actions. To help you see what’s out there, we’ve compiled a review of one of these products.

It’s called Libido for Her Oral Spray, and it offers fair to poor benefits for the price. We’ve awarded this product a two-and-a-half-star rating, based on our own research of its active ingredients (as well as our study of several customer reviews).

In order to educate consumers, we’ve compiled an impartial review that will assist women in making wise and informed decisions about which products are best for them.

Customer Product Ratings
Rated: 2.5/5
Ingredients Fair
Frequency of Orgasm Fair
Doctor Endorsement No
Company Reputation Fair
Shipping Discretion Fair
Discount Packaging Available
Guarantee 67 Days
Cost $119.19 (Six Month Supply)
Recommendation Buy

Libido For Her is an Oral Spray

According to the makers of Libido for Her Oral Spray, loss of desire may be counteracted with the right active botanical extracts and essences. To help women get their libidos back, they’ve created a formula that is positively jam-packed with organic, all-natural ingredients. Examples of ingredients found in Libido for Her Oral Spray include Agnus Castus, Berberis Vulgaris, Damiana, Black Lead, Ignatia amara, Lactuca virosa, and Onosmodium virginianum.

These ingredients are meant to tackle loss of desire that may be caused by menopause, lack of exercise, weight gain, childbirth, medication side effects, stress, tiredness, mood swings, or HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy).

However, many of these herbs appear to be used primarily to boost the health of the female reproductive system, rather than as aphrodisiacs. For this reason, this formula may not have as much inherent value as a similar oral spray that contains proven aphrodisiac ingredients.

As a tonic for female reproductive health, this oral spray may provide decent benefits. However, due to its list of active ingredients, it’s unlikely that women will re-discover lust and sexual passion while taking this product.

Libido for Her Manufacturer’s Claims

According to the makers of Libido for Her, the product is a sure-fire way to enjoy:

  • More sexual fire and passion on a regular basis
  • Better sexual performance
  • Wilder sex that features more explosive, long-lasting orgasms
  • Improved sexual self-confidence

While there is always the chance that this product will work exactly as described (and it has, for more than a few women), many ladies who order this product, which is designed to “unleash your inner sex goddess”, are bitterly disappointed by the product. To give you a balanced picture of what this product achieves (or fails to achieve) for real-life women, let’s summarize some customer reviews found online.

What Women Like about Libido for Her

Women who’ve gotten pretty good results from this oral spray enjoy its convenience. Since you spray it under your tongue, it’s a quick and portable way to treat loss of desire, wherever you happen to be. Women keep this purse-size spray in their desk drawers or handbags to get instant treatment whenever they want it. Ladies who like Libido for Her praise the product for making them feel friskier and more erotic.

What Women Don’t Like about Libido for Her

Ladies who don’t like Libido for Her generally indicate they disliked the spray format after the novelty wears off. Since they don’t experience desire for sex while they use this oral spray, they perceive it as quite useless. However, a few women who were generally let down by the product did acknowledge that they felt slightly more erotic while using the spray. Nonetheless, the same women wondered if this very slight reaction was simply a “placebo effect”.


Under the tongue? Um, shouldn’t an instant supplement for women be applied somewhere more enjoyable? On the positive side, the few women who said Libido For Women made a difference for them indicated they were fairly happy with it.

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