There Ain’t Much Zest in Zestra

If you’ve been searching for a cure for female loss of libido, you may have heard about Zestra. After all, this product, which is marketed as an easy, natural way to enjoy hotter sex, is promoted by a famous reality TV star, Kris Kardashian (mother of controversial sex kitten, Kim Kardashian).

However, when it comes to choosing the best formula for treating loss of libido, Zestra is actually a bit of a dud. While all the hype portrays this product as the be-all and end-all of topical treatments, it’s really not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Most of the ingredients found in this product are quite common botanical oils and essences, and these ingredients, while being safe and gentle, may not have the power to change the way that women feel about sex (not to mention the way that they feel while they’re having sex!).

In order to give our readers access to a fair, honest and unbiased review, we’ve cut through the hype and awarded Zestra a two star ranking. As far as treatments for loss of desire go, this one is not really worth the money that you will pay. Since we’ve reviewed a host of formulas that get better results for less money, we have to be honest and say that this particular topical preparation is a bit oily and greasy (which makes it hard to use). In addition, it’s not really much of an aphrodisiac, and it doesn’t seem to make erotic sensations any more powerful.

Although the power of the Kardashian name adds a little glamor to Zestra’s image, its active ingredients just aren’t up to scratch.

Now, to be fair, let’s look at the marketing claims made by Zestra’s manufacturer…

Customer Product Ratings
Rated: 2/5
Ingredients Poor
Frequency of Orgasm Poor
Doctor Endorsement Yes
Company Reputation Fair
Shipping Discretion Poor
Discount Packaging Not Available
Guarantee 30 Days
Cost $119.70
Recommendation Don’t Buy

Don’t Believe the Zestra Hype

According to the makers of Zestra, this product, which is sold in packages of personal-size wipes that are saturated with the product’s secret formula, creates a powerful “rush”. The product is applied to the vagina and labia to increase sensitivity in these areas.

Due to its potent cocktail of botanical essences, the creators of Zestra believe that their topical gel will make women feel more erotic and orgasmic, even when they’ve been suffering from loss of libido due to hormone changes, stress, or any other reason.

This product is supposed to produce a pleasurable rush mere minutes after it is applied. Women will feel this warm, tingly sensation and begin to experience intense arousal that leads to earth-shattering orgasms. They’ll also please their partners by bringing a truly lustful spirit to their erotic encounters.

Most Women Don’t Buy Into the Zestra Hype

However, in reality, few women experience the heights of sensuality promised by Zestra’s manufacturer. These ladies are disappointed, as the claims of Zestra’s makers seem overblown and overhyped. However, even women who don’t love the product are impressed by the fact that it is safe and gentle. The product is indisputably:

  • Hormone-free and Paraben-free.
  • Clean and safe, due to its single-dose personal packet format.
  • Made of botanical essences that are safe if ingested.
  • Fairly affordable for most women.
  • May be ordered easily online.

What Women Like About Zestra

Many women bought Zestra out of sheer novelty. After all, it’s been featured throughout the media and on noted shows The View and Rachel Ray, among others. But that doesn’t make Zestra an effective lubricant. We did receive some reports of women who said it made the sex a more passionate experience.

What Women Did Not Like About Zestra

Unfortunately, most women said Zestra was little more than a greasy residue they rubbed on and didn’t stimulate. There’s a big difference between wet and greasy. And Zestra falls on the latter side. No deep, pleasurable sensations. No two or three chances to orgasm. Just grease that sits there. Not our idea of a good time.


Kim Kardashian’s mom can’t save Zestra and neither can we recommend it.

If you have money to throw around testing out a range of female products that claim to reverse loss of desire, while also increasing sexual sensations during intercourse, and you’re really, really curious, then sure. However, if you’re on a budget and you’re interested in using a truly effective product, you’re much better off staying far away from this two star-rated topical gel.

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