provestra_040_250x250Female libido is a woman’s desire for sexual intercourse. Libido is what drives her towards passion and action between the sheets. The female sex drive is influenced by biological factors like menopause and hormone levels, social factors like work, relationships, family etc and psychological components like personality, thought process, depression, anxiety, stress levels and the like. A woman who has the optimum balance of all the three factors is able to have and maintain a healthy libido.

Role Of Testosterone In A Woman’s Sex Drive

Scientifically, testosterone is a male hormone, yet it can prove to be vital for females in small amounts. The hormone tends to exercise a strong influence on a woman’s libido and can help stimulate her passion. Apart from the hormone, other factors like genetic composition, environmental influences, society etc also have an effect on female libido.

Importance Of Female Libido

Nature has given women a desire to love and to be loved. Sex is an important part of a man-woman relationship. Therefore, every woman needs to befriend her libido. A good sex-drive helps release tension, keeps the blood pressure in check and fosters a delicious feeling of fulfillment. Many sex-therapists consider sex to be a natural stress-buster. What’s more, regular sexual activity serves to boost immunity. For women who wish to lose weight, a healthy libido is crucial to burning out those extra calories, for sex is a wonderful exercise for the body. It’s interesting to note that about half-an-hour of sexual activity can burn up to 85 calories.

Foods That Perk Up Your Sexual Desire

Though a woman might not be as sexually inclined as a man, yet she can always work towards improving her libido. There are several natural food options and other supplements available that are considered to be beneficial in boosting a lady’s desire for sex and take her close to an ultimate orgasmic experience. These include:

  • Asparagus which contains Vitamin E, folic acid etc that help raise testosterone levels.
  • Pumpkin seeds; rich in zinc ( the perfect sex mineral )
  • Watermelon
  •  Avocados
  •  Bananas
  •  Apples with honey. This is a home remedy to enhance one’s libido.
  •  Dark chocolate
  •  Chillies or hot peppers, which stimulate the release of ‘endomorphin’, the neurotransmitter.
  •  Basil
  •  Celery
  •  Fish like ‘Halibut’
  •  Oysters
  •  Walnuts that form a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids are also sex-drive boosters.
  •  Almonds
  •  Super foods like beets.
  •  Garlic

Women however need to remember that all these foods need to be consumed in moderation. In case one is prone to any food-allergies, it is best to consult one’s doctor or a sex-expert before trying out the above mentioned foodstuffs.

There is no doubt in the fact that a healthy libido has multiple benefits for a woman. It is also indirectly related to self-esteem. Women who enjoy sex tend to feel better about themselves and life in general. Some scented candles, soft music and a loving partner can surely contribute to make the lovemaking more magical. It is high-time women discover their libidos and make the most of this very valuable gift of nature.