The word libido means sexual drive. This term was popularized by the famous Austrian doctor, Sigmund Freud. Female libido is more complicated than the male libido. Female libido is more intricate and there are many factors that would increase or decrease female libido. libido in women

The female libido does not help to reach a sexual orgasm, just by being aroused and maintaining that feeling for some time. It is more complicated than the male libido, which would help a male to simply be aroused and reach an orgasm within minutes.There cannot be a simplified answer to the question of, “what is a female libido”?, the answer is much more complicated than most of you would think. The female would require more than just physical contact, in order to reach a higher state of sexual desire or libido.

Psychology, hormones and emotions would play a major part in the increasing of female libido or sexual desire. Even, for a female to be aroused, let alone an orgasm, the above factors should be balanced. Love is one of the most important factors that would help to increase female libido.

Hormonal imbalances could be another factor in decreasing female libido. If the woman is psychologically disturbed, there cannot be full libido or a sex drive. The woman has to always be psychologically stable and balanced, in order to have full libido and enjoy a good orgasm.

By now you may be knowing a little bit about, what is a female libido? But, did you know that there are several physical and psychological causes that could decrease the libido levels in females?

Anemia is a major cause for low levels of libido in women. The loss of iron during periods, is contributing heavily to this cause. Other causes include, alcoholism, diabetes, drug abuse and taking too much of tranquilizers. Hormonal imbalances during childbirth could also result in a lack of sex drive in females.

A rare disorder, where the pituitary gland becomes overactive; known as “Hyperprolactinaemia” would also decrease the libido levels in women. Abnormal production of Luteinising Hormone or LH, is another reason for the lack of sexual drive in most women.

Contrary to popular belief, menopause does not contribute much, to the loss of libido. You would find most women enjoying a satisfied sexual life after the postmenopausal period, in their lives. Other than the above mentioned physical causes for the lack of libido in women, there are several psychological causes too that would affect women in this regard.

It is common knowledge that, when a woman is having emotional problems, she would lose interest in her sex life. This means, a low level of libido in females could be caused by emotional imbalances too.

Depression, stress during work, past traumas or rape, childhood abuses, anxiety, relationship problems with the partner and difficult living conditions could be leading psychological causes for the loss of libido in females.

Not getting enough sleep during the night could be another major reason for the loss of libido in women. At least 6-7 hours of quality sleep are needed during the night hours, in order to maintain the vital energy in the body.

If a lack of libido or sexual drive is noticed among females, the first thing should be, is to consult a general practitioner and get the necessary tests done. Going to a family planning clinic also, could solve this problem to some extent as the doctors in these clinics are familiar with these types of issues.

There are herbal medicines and supplements that are supposed to correct the hormonal imbalances in women; which is one of the leading causes of low libido levels. These supplements are made of natural plant based ingredients and, are not harmful to the body.

There are no, known side effects of these herbal medicines and many women have used them to achieve an improved sexual desire. That being said, the FDA has not approved any of these herbal remedies as yet.

Fatigue and stress could be responsible for decreasing the DHEA and testosterone hormones in the female body. Even these hormones are basically male hormones, they are needed in lesser amounts in the female body too. DHEA could be taken over the counter as an oral medicine, while testosterone could be taken with a doctor’s prescription. These simple acts could help increase the libido levels in females.

The above information would give you a detailed idea about, “what is a female libido” and the causes that would decrease libido in females.