Let’s talk about gels. They make sex instant, fun, and if you’re lucky, can turn one orgasm into several.

Gels are a great way to manage lubrication and increase your physical desire for sex. Want to get wet? Add some gel. Want more? Add more. Simple, fast and effective.

Many of the off-the-shelf lubes you find in pharmacies containt harmful by-products that can penetrate your inner tissues and do more harm than good. A quality gel is a healthy way to get wet, increase blood flow to the genitals, climax and feel the passion of amazing sex.

We review three gels on this website that claim to do these things. We’ve ranked them in a specific pecking order, from your first to last choice.

There are times in a girl’s life when she wants sex now. No waiting for pills to take effect, no comprehensive alignment of hormones with emotional well-being. Just good, fun and gratifying sex, right then and there. Solutions? Vigorelle.

Female enhancement pills are great for addressing the issues that lower sex drive and for boosting sexual health. But for instant gratification, you really can’t beat a good enhancement gel. We base our reviews of the gels you’ll find on this website on how quickly they work, how effective they are, the value of each product and the company’s reputation. And Vigorelle leads the pack.

We like Vigorelle for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that it works well. Actually, it works better than any other cream reviewed on this website. Vigorelle instantly lubricates the vagina and stimulates blood flow to your privates with a powerful blend of botanicals, including l-arginine, ginkgo biloba and damiana leaf. This is good.

Vigorelle works quickly, and produces enough lubrication to enjoy deep, intense orgasms. Many women we’ve spoken with have experienced multiple orgasms with Vigorelle. Few women would complain about that. The intensity of the orgasm is nice too. Want more lubrication? Just add more gel. That’s one of the benefits of an effective gel, and with Vigorelle it’s nothing shy of ecstasy.

Remember that we like doctor-approval when we recommend a product. Vigorelle’s got that in abundance. You’ll also find a list of happy women just glowing about Vigorelle. Increased stamina, energy and quality, multiple orgasms. If only all products were as much fun to review!

By the way, you’ll find that Vigorelle’s a good company to deal with. You might think that ordering an enhancement gel could be an embarrassing process.

We’ve found it the reverse with Vigorelle. Discreetly shipped and billed, backed by a solid company that cares about women. Respectful and classy.

It’s no wonder that Vigorelle gets our vote for the best female enhancement gel.

We Gave It –    Testimonials? – Doctor and Customer
Orgasm Quality – Excellent Customer Support – Very Good
Orgasm Frequency – Excellent Order Discretion – Excellent
Ingredients – Excellent Guarantee – Two Months
Time Required – Immediate Shipping – Not Included
Company Reputation – Excellent Cost (Six Month Supply) – $48.32/Box

Female enhancement pills have their place, but when you really, really want the gratification of instant, intense and very enjoyable sex, reach for a gel. And not just any gel. While there are several respectable gels on the market today, we only recommend two. Vigorelle’s the first, and HerSolution Gel’s the other.

There’s no shame in coming in second to Vigorelle for the title of best enhancement gel. It’s a close second. We’ve tried HerSolution Gel and believe us when we say, it’ll have you gasping for more.

Evidently, we’re not alone. HerSolution Gel has a loyal following of women who swear by its ability to produce instant lubrication. You’ll find some quality ingredients in HerSolution Gel, including l-arginine, aloe vera and shea butter. Call it spa treatment with some pleasant sensations in your genital region. Gentle, smooth, effective and exotic.

HerSolution Gel stimulates blood flow to the vagina and increases vaginal lubrication. You’ll also find that HerSolution Gel heightens sensitivity and encourages natural lubrication. It’s a fun sort of conditioning that you can definitely embrace. You might even find you squeeze a few more orgasms out in the process.

Yet, we’re ranking HerSolution Gel as the second best gel, behind Vigorelle. Why? We love HerSolution Gel, make no mistake about that. But we also like a proven track record, and as you know, we also like medical endorsement. HerSolution Gel is doctor-approved, but doesn’t quite assure us the way that Vigorelle does, with multiple doctor and client recommendations.

But don’t think for a second that HerSolution Gel doesn’t have a devout following. Believe us, it does.

And if there’s one more slight mark against HerSolution Gel, it’s the smaller list of ingredients. It’s very effective. Vigorelle just has a larger selection. Some women find they prefer fewer ingredients, so it’s really your call.

We Gave It –    Testimonials? – Doctor
Orgasm Quality – Very Good Customer Support – Very Good
Orgasm Frequency – Excellent Order Discretion – Very Good
Ingredients – Very Good Guarantee – Six Months
Time Required – Immediate Shipping – Included (USA)
Company Reputation – Very Good Cost (Six Month Supply) – $32.50/Pump

Of the three female enhancement gels we’ve reviewed on this site, we liked Valentra the least.

To be fair to Valentra, it has redeeming qualities. Most of the proven ingredients are there, including aloe vera, damiana and ginseng. It’s condom-compatible and there are customer testimonials on Valentra’s website.

But we found that it’s just not as effective as Vigorelle or HerSolution Gel.. Yes, it increases lubrication, but it doesn’t stimulate blood flow to the genitalia like the other two. That’s an important point, because it’s the blood flow that enhances sensitivity around the clitoris and makes sex pleasurable.

We’re not the only ones that feel this way. We’ve spoken with women who’ve tried Valentra and many report similar mediocre results. A gel is supposed to increase lubrication and blood flow to the vagina and provide instant gratification. Valentra tries to do this, but it stumbles.

We’re not sold on its website either. A female enhancement product needs to assure its customers not only that it’s safe, but that the company offering the product is legitimate, preferably with a long and proven track record, and a discreet and respectful customer support team if we have any questions. There’s little to show us that Valentra works, that it’s doctor-approved or that there’s a face behind a fairly bland website.

That said, Valentra is backed by a respectable 60 day money-back guarantee. You’ll find reasonable, but not great, value with Valentra, at $59.95 for a one month supply.

We Gave It –    Testimonials? – Customer
Orgasm Quality – Average Customer Support –Average
Orgasm Frequency – Average Order Discretion – Average
Ingredients – Very Good Guarantee – Two Months
Time Required – 2 to 3 Applications Shipping – Not Included
Company Reputation – Average Cost (Six Month Supply) – $39.98/Pump