A Little Sex Goes a Long Way

We're pretty sure we don't need to convince you to have more sex. But in the unlikely event you need further proof that frequent sex is good for you, ponder this: http://www.canada.com/health/Vitamin+turns+that+safe+monogamous+ relationship+your+body+good/4377896/story.html As it turns out, having sex on a regular basis ...

Smoking and Pregnancy

You'd have to be blindfolded and wearing earplugs on Mars for the past 20 years not to know by now that smoking has serious consequences. Among its many pitfalls, smoking causes multiple forms of cancer, accelerates the aging process and is ...

The Most Sex-Filled Cities in America

Remember this number: two billion. That's not the number of times Charlie Sheen has unraveled (although it's probably in that vicinity). Two billion is the number of sex acts committed by single Americans each year. About one in four sex acts ...

What’s Going in Your Vagina?

You are what you eat is a familiar mantra for diet. But for lubricants? As it turns out, what goes in your vagina may do more than just irritate. Read our reviews on this website and you'll be clear where we ...
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