Boredom in the bedroom? Is the sex just bland? Dare we say it, would you rather watch Oprah than get spicy with your significant other? Well, it happens. Routine can do that.

What’s the cure for a lull in your sex life? Variety, of course. Different positions can help. Or have him dress up like a cowboy. But if you really want to love the sex again, why not tap the forbidden fruit in a place where you shouldn’t? Somewhere, you know, tight. The Mile High Club’s not a place in Denver. And frankly, the thrill of getting caught is an incredible turn on.

Of course, like any girl scout, it helps to be prepared. Sex in a tent could make a scintillating twist on your next camping trip. Heck, do it in the backyard, just to tick off the neighbours. We aim to please at Women’s Libido Reviews. Here’s what you need for sex in tight places:

An Outdoor Headlamp – A flashlight for your forehead when you run off to the woods. Or that abandoned mine that screams “have sex here!”. Some hands-free light frees up your hands to do other things in the dark.

Vigorelle – Um, the thing about sex in tight places is that there’s not always room to get comfy. A little Vigorelle can help with that.

A Helmet – You know when you bang your head on something overhead? Hurts doesn’t it? Now add darkness and the element of things that go bump in the night. Bring a helmet. Then christen that construction site down the block 😉

A Padlock – A quickie in the closet. You’re huffing, you’re panting. Then the footsteps down the hall. Closer…closer…but you can’t stop now… No problem! Slip on your trusty padlock and resume pleasantries. Note: may not pass through the metal detector, so if the Mile High Club beckons, do it mid-flight, and not after dinner!